• Plus: Gnomedad
      Venue: Pearl Street Ballroom
      Date: Saturday, December 30, 2017 ~ 9:00 PM

    • Two sax players and a drummer; irreverent jazz trio Moon Hooch's infamous stints whipping up furious, impromptu raves at the Bedford Ave subway station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn,got the band banned from playing there by the NYPD. This exposure led to tours with They Might Be Giants, Lotus, and Galactic. Wherever Moon Hooch plays, a dance party soon follows. Their second album, This Is Cave Music, refers to the term Moon Hooch coined to describe their unique sound: like house music, but more primitive and jagged and raw. While their self-titled first album, which cracked the top 10 of Billboard's Jazz Albums chart, approximated the band's acoustic approach to dance music, This Is Cave Music takes their cave music hybrid further into electronic and pop music realms with synthesizers, post-production work, and even singing added to the mix. A live YouTube video for the song "Milk and Waffles," finds the band playing in the middle of a freeway bridge; while no cars ever pass.culminating in the drummer taking off his clothes, trashing his drum kit and walking away.

    • Performer Lineup:   Moon HoochGnomedad
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