These three Oregon sisters are bringing the sounds they grew up  singing in their mountains, to ours. Like wind whispering in the pines,  accompanied by perfect guitar." - The Stranger
Iron Horse Music Hall

Portland band Joseph conjures a singer with a heavy beard and $200 American-made jeans but is in reality three sisters, who named the band after 1) their grandfather, 2) the Eastern Oregon town and 3) the biblical figure -- a rule of threes that extends to the title of their debut album, "Native Dreamer Kin." The album, unadorned and acoustic, recalls the folky efforts of UK sister act the Staves for one. Overall, "Native Dreamer Kin" is a stark, hushed release, but it spreads its pop wings on "Wind," a soulful track that nods to both Ecclesiastes and the "Three Little Pigs" fable. The album was released in March 2014 and the group's been busy sharing it since, driving across the country on a living room tour that will have them  spinning their stirring harmonies at the Iron Horse on a Thursday autumn evening.

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