Colvin & Earle: An Evening With Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle
Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle met at the Iron Horse 30 years ago beginning a beautiful friendship. Their new album Colvin & Earle is a perfect pairing of two masters.
Calvin Theater

Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle first met in 1987 when Colvin opened a solo show by Earle at our very own Iron Horse Music Hall. The two proved fast friends, collaborating occasionally over the years with critical and commercial success. The pair's 2014 “Songs and Stories, Together Onstage” tour was so much fun they decided to record together. the result is a new album, "Colvin & Earle," produced by Buddy Miller. It's out this June 10th and Shawn & Steve are hitting the road again to celebrate. Of course they return to the scene of the crime with a show here in Northampton. 

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