Plus: The Big Sway
Soulive founder Alan Evans, one of the most celebrated drummers in jazz, funk, & soul, presents his newest creation: Playonbrother, an “electrified soul rock” band. 
Pearl Street Clubroom

Alan Evans– the co-founder, writer and drummer of Soulive– proudly presents his newest creation: Playonbrother, an “electrified soul rock” band. With Danny Mayer on guitar and Kris Yunker on B-3 and keys, it is no surprise that the trio’s sound proves hard-driving and groovy with deep, funky melodies and powerful, rhythmic counter-play. Mention the name Alan Evans to a room full of music lovers, and you will get a consensus nod to one of the most celebrated and tenacious drummers in the jazz, funk, and soul scene. He's been a pioneer in the jam band world through his early work with seminal jam-funk band Moon Boot Lover. He made his mark as an adapter and innovator in the acid-jazz / boogaloo movement as the drummer for one iteration of the Grey Boy All-Stars, and since 1999, he has been an ambassador for soul/jazz to a generation of young music lovers through his band Soulive. Throughout all of this he has been a stalwart purveyor and steward of the groove.

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