Leonid & Friends (from Russia): World's Greatest CHICAGO Tribute
 Phenomenal 11-piece horn band from Russia who became viral sensations doing note-for-note covers of Chicago & More.
Moving to Friday, September 10th. All tix honored.
Calvin Theater

In just three short years, Moscow-based LEONID & FRIENDS have blown the minds of legions of fans with their uncanny ability to capture the spirit, musicality and fire of American supergroup Chicago. Leonid Vorobyev’s goal was a studio project in dedication to Chicago under the motto “musicians for musicians”. Their first video went viral, but they really gained traction when Chicago itself published the video on its official website. This incredible 11-piece band had over 300,000+ followers across social media and has amassed an astonishing 60 million+ video views… before ever touring outside of Russia! The future is only looking up for LEONID & FRIENDS.

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