Santina King
Plus: Bruce King & Dennis Avery
Iron Horse Music Hall

Most guitarists rely on traditional tunings to produce their music. Not 26 year old Santina King of Warwick MA. She first picked up the acoustic guitar at age 13, and almost immediately broke away from standard tunings to craft artful, rich chord progressions to support her strong and distinctive vocal melodies. Together, it's a style she's dubbed "Acoustic Fusion". 

Says Jon Aldrich, Professor at Berklee College of Music, "I am enormously impressed at her natural ability as a writer, player and singer. She has the gift. She oozes it with every breath”.

King grew up in a music-rich environment. Her father (and sometime accompanist) Rick King, is an accomplished blues guitarist, and her keyboardist mother Tonia King is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston. Santina picked up the beat early, playing piano at age 6.  One major influence on her acoustic leanings was the music of Ani DiFranco, who she still holds in the greatest esteem.  Blending elements of jazz, funk, blues, and a taste of folk with her tunings and impeccable song-craft, Santina King is an artist who has created a truly unique sound.

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