Danny Wood (of New Kids on The Block)
When he's not on the road with NKOTB, Danny Wood's central passion is songwriting and recording his own music is as passionate and heartfelt as he is
Iron Horse Music Hall

When he’s not on the road with New Kids On The Block, Danny Wood’s central passion is songwriting and recording his own music. What began as a solitary song (“Shine”) inspired by his late mother’s memory, soon blossomed into a very personal 17-track album with lyrics that pour out like the pages of a diary. The main motivation for the new album was to raise money for the “Remember Betty” Breast Cancer Foundation, a foundation he started in his mother’s name, with all songs completely written and produced by himself. The new album, entitled “Look At Me,” reveals the inner Danny Wood with his trials, tribulations and ultimately hope, laid bare. The album is a poignant rock song cycle that is far removed from the music of NKOTB that he is best known for – rather, the entire album paints a picture of a solo artist whose time may well be here. Danny’s music is much like the man behind it, a passionate and heartfelt affair from start to finish.  For Fans of: New Kids on the Block / Jordan Knight / Joey McIntyre / Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch / *NSYNC / Aaron Carter / Hanson / Paula Abdul / Tiffany / Michael Jackson / Boyz II Men / Backstreet Boys / Justin Timberlake

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